Feng Shui Tips for Prosperity

Bringing in the Green

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese energy practice over 6,000 years old based on the knowledge that there is both good energy (Sheng Qi) and negative energy (Sha Qi). The focus is to balance the energy in living and working environments. The objective is to enhance and increase Sheng Qi and eliminate or minimize the Sha Qi.
During this financial crisis, it is important to balance the energy in living and working environments and to increase the flow of wealth. Below is a list of simple tips to increase energy support for your prosperity:

1. The kitchen is important for wealth.
This comes from the belief that the better you eat the healthier you are. A healthier person is a more productive person and brings in better business. The burners on your stove represent wealth. Keep them clean and alternate your use of the burners when you are cooking. Sometimes a mirror over the stove to double the burners. The refrigerator should be filled with healthy food as a full refrigerator brings in abundance.

2. Plants bring life force into our living and working environments.
Not only do they bring beauty, but plants clean our air and can absorb electromagnetic fields which have a negative impact on our health. Bamboo and Jade plants are indoor plants that act as wealth enhancers.

3. The Ming Tang of your office or home is the entrance.
As you step inside, you are transitioning from the outside world to the inside world. Very often in the Ming Tang area, a rug or mat is placed near the front door. Take 3 lucky Chinese coins and tape them to the back of the rug. Every time someone walks in they symbolically are bringing money into your property and into your life.

4. Keep your toilet seats down when not in use.
Keep them up and money will disappear.

5. Whether you work from home or from an office, a wall behind your chair, called a “Black Turtle” is very supportive of you in your work.
Be sure you can see the door, which protects you and your deals. In front of you is the ‘Red Bird’. Use this area for a beautiful piece of art which represents your prosperous future. If there is room for a water feature, this is a perfect place for it. Water flowing upwards brings wealth. The sound should be gentle and soothing to you.

6. Goldfish are pretty, relaxing to watch, and bring “life” energy into your environment. They are also magnets for wealth. The winning combination: Fill your tank with 8 goldfish for luck and 1 black fish to keep away bad luck.