Saving whales, turtle hatching duty, plastic bag clean up


     Whale Tale.   By now you all have heard about the very rare juvenile Beaker whale that was saved the other day off the south shore of Maui near the Maui Sunset condos.  Many conscientious citizens helped save the ailing whale who was trying to beach itself.  Beaker whales are rare and are usually only found in very deep waters off of the Big Island.  30+ folks helped to lift the Beaker whale onto a flatbed truck that would transport it to the Kahului airport for its Coast Guard rescue flight to the Big Island for treatment in a new crustacean facility. Wow!  Such excitement and ultimate happy news.  And the Beaker whale is now stable and eating a solid diet of squid.  Seems that the Beaker whale may have had some sort of kidney ailment.  What a fantastic opportunity for scientists young and old to study this amazing whale.  Mahalo to all you caring souls who helped save this very rare whale.

     Turtle Time on Maui.  It is turtle nesting season again on Maui.  Would it be fun for you to camp out all night under the stars on the beach to help protect the turtles as they hatch?   Volunteers are needed.   If so, contact Cheryl King at

     Plastic bags everywhere.  Help keep Maui clean and volunteer your time this weekend removing plastic bags from our beautiful beaches.

     Lipoa Street Farmer’s Market Kihei.  Want some place other than Safeway to buy your fruits and veggies.  Head over to the Lipoa Street Farmer’s Market in Kihei every Saturday morning at 8 a.m. for locally grown fresh Maui fruits and veggies.  Support our local farmers.  You will be glad you did.  Our local produce is onolicious.